Diet Bowl Product Detail
Diet Bowls

The Diet Bowls are free-blown white glass bowls containing coloured glass balls. In some cases a glass ball is permanently stuck inside the bowl during the blowing process making the available space for other content constant.

The other bowls come with a set of two or three balls in various sizes and colours. Velcro is permanently fixed to a spot inside the bowl and to each of the balls making them exchangeable and so allowing for a playful way of adjusting the size of a portion.

The Diet Bowls look fabulous filled with naughty things such as M & M’s, but to aid your diet remember to put in the largest of the glass balls before filling with the chocolates…

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  • Diameter approximately 25cm
  • Fixed ball £310
  • Two exchangeable balls £350
  • Three exchangeable balls £370
Photography by Thomas Yde
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