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I found a stone at the shoreline in Lybster and became intrigued by the embedded scars from years of washing in the sea, scars carved into the body that will be evident until the body itself is eventually worn away. Caught, unable to let it go I had to replicate…

Reminisce is a series of stone-forms with individual shapes and patterns. They are free blown glass shapes, which have been cut open once cold. Light breaks through grooves created by detailed and continuously considered intensive sandblasting. Etching transforms the glass into soft and matt tactile objects and the cut edges are finally polished to a high shine.

They are one-off pieces and come in additional colour combinations. Please contact me for more details.

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Size Variable:
  • Perfume bottle or small stone: height from 6cm
  • Stone: height from 14cm
  • From £240
Photography by Ester Segarra